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J-ArtEck Alumni

The 1st J-ArtEck Alumni Forum on 24-28 March, 2023 in Berlin.

J-ArtEck Alumni Forum 

For over 17 years, Jewish ArtEck has already welcomed hundreeds of campers and staff. Jewish ArtEck is a place to embrace life-changing experiences, shape Jewish Identity and belonging to Jewish people, explore Jewish culture, develop new skills, and build enduring friendships, all while creating lifelong memories.  


J-ArtEck firmly commits to on-going engaging with alumni as "Friends for Life"

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J-ArtEck Alumni Forum is seeking to become a part of the European Leadership Network and creates a network of young leaders, with the knowledge and tools to promote Israel and Judaism. This project will further the Jewish education, Israeli values,  skills, and training of the Young Leadership Network, strengthening their knowledge of history and current affairs in the Middle East. It will bring together alumni from all years of the Camp, and facilitate sharing of ideas and resources, as well as development of networking and leadership activities.

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The Goals of J-Arteck Alumni Forum


The most vivid memories of a person's life are created in young adulthood and, in the case of alumni, that means when they were at Jewish ArtEck Camp. J-ArtEck alumni revisited those memories at the 1st J-ArtEck Alumni forum, camp still owns the physical location of those formative, powerful, life-defining memories. 


Jewish ArtEck is, at its core, all about creating life-long friendships. ArtEck alumni seek out their friends from the camp, and alumni of every age are actively using the J-ArtEck Alumni Forum to reconnect.


Networking Opportunities

J-ArtEck Alumni Forum offers opportunities of networking for jobs and studing abroad, Jewish activism, learning together and from each other, dating, or finding new friends.

Summer Jobs

J-ArtEck Alumni turn to camp for summer employment opportunities as madrichim, artists and educators.

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A Place to Give Back

J-ArtEck Alumni are thoughtful and reflective about the impact and value of the Jewish ArtEck camp on their lives, their professions and attitude to Israel. They are willing to give back and support camp with volunteer leadership, a referral, or donation.


“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much” 

– Helen Keller

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